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About Us

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Food Link was born of a passion for the foods of the world. We have a simple philosophy: to bring the finest products from each part of the world to your table.

The outcome is not only to allow you to enjoy the different tastes and flavors but, more important, the beneficial impact that the variety of foods bring to the human nutrition and health.
Food Link aims to recover the genuine flavors that were lost with mass production by providing you the original ingredients and processes that make some foods of the world unique and precious for mankind.

Only genuine, healthy and exquisite food, at your doorstep.

Company Values

Our Team combines the professional experience in the food sector with the a vast experience in Future Technologies to enable a seamless technology platform to satisfy our Customers. We are responsive to our clients’ needs through our digital platforms which allow the customer to enjoy the benefit of ordering quality products with exceptional customer service.

With 30 years of experience in both fields, Food Links is able to provide the necessary skilled services to the foodies of the world as well as Institutional Buyers that pursue quality specifications, logistical and budgetary control.

Every requirement from our Customers is intended as a customized project that Food Link meets with a tailored approach, by providing the best foods with the optimal solutions in terms of products, logistics and time frame, bearing in mind the end-user satisfaction.

Our love for the foods of the world becomes our Customer’s delights.
About Us